This blog article is one that matches up with our parent website and how Business Phone Systems work. In this article, we’ll explore VoIP Business Phone System and the several benefits that it’ll bring to your business.

VoIP Business Phone System

What are some of the advantages?

  1. Your network is available 24/7, 365 anytime and anywhere.
  2. There is less risk for your data. Your data is up in the cloud on a secure site like They have a great system that meets HIPPA compliance for those companies that need it.
  3. You don’t need to maintain a server anymore with tech support and equipment costs.
  4. You don’t have to deal with maintenance issues anymore. Most cloud solutions are SASS solutions, which means they are selling software as a service and they take care of all of the problems for you.


How do you implement a cloud ready network?

The first step in moving in this direction is to implement a modern network in your building. Hire someone to assess your current infrastructure and make the necessary upgrades. Keynote: Make sure you have the proper bandwidth for handle the increase web traffic through your internet provider.

Businesses that move to a virtual office or cloud based network can avoid slowdowns and performance issues that come with running a cloud based software on a server internally that wasn’t designed for that kind of performance. If your business was started in the 80’s or 90’s chances are that your internal infrastructure (LAN) that includes your data cabling (CAT5), Poe Switches, Routers, etc. enabled your to connect copies and printers to your users but are often not capable of handling increased traffic from VoIP phones or IP based camera systems. This increased traffic often bottle necks your network and frustrates users trying to get their jobs done.

VoIP Business Phone System

What is a cloud-enabled network?

Okay, we’ve talked about the cloud-enabled network but have not defined what it actually is yet. The main feature of a cloud-enabled network is the ability to support your VoIP Business Phone System and any cloud-based applications you need to access through your network. With SaaS moving forward at a blistering pace, many companies are moving away from the traditional model of buying software off the shelf at Staples or Best Buy.


Hire a professional, don’t just rely on your IT guy

Don’t let low cost determine what type of network and VoIP Business Phone System you get. Network call quality is one of the biggest issues that we see on a regular basis. The first telltale sign of a problem with your VoIP phone is call quality. If it sounds scratchy, dropping calls or static in any way, you may have network issues interfering with the Business Phone System.

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