The future of Business Phone Systems is a real and challenging problem that many VT and NH business owners face. Here is what a business in Vermont or New Hampshire gains by switching to a modern voice phone system and data network. You gain a reliable integrated agile platform that makes the most out of (VOIP) voice over Internet protocol technology. Many of these new platforms cost less money than your legacy system.


Four challenges of today’s businesses

  1. Upfront cost of your business phone system
  2. Monthly cost for voice and data services
  3. Reliability of voice and data network
  4. The need for cloud integrated services


Business Phone Systems

Integrated Phone Systems

Today’s communication solutions are often addressed in one simple business communication solution. The advantage that we have as a communications service provider is flexibility in tailoring the systems to the customer. Technology moves at break-neck speed these days. That creates problems for these old phone systems. They were built with technology that has become obsolete. As technology moves forward, you will come to a point when your phone system will stop working. Companies that experience this, quickly learn that many of these phone systems are no longer supported.


Today customers have the ability to break down the barriers of traditional communications. Today’s VOIP or on-premise phone systems have the capacity to integrate with mobile technology, work remotely, have different mailboxes and multiple phone numbers per person.


What does this mean for you?

As a business owner, you need to have a communication solution that provides greater capabilities and efficiency. That is where we come into the picture. Key Communications and  provides state-of-the-art communication solutions in complete packages for customers throughout the region. We spend the time with clients to understand their needs and put together an integrated solution that fits their business and grows with them into the future.

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