Hybrid Platform User Guides

Yealink T54 & T53 Phone User Guide

Learn to Transfer a Call, make a Conference Call, check Voicemail, Park and Retrieve a Call, configure Contact Directory and much more.

Express Help

Setting Up or Updating Mailbox

1. Press the envelope icon to connect to voicemail soft key.

2. Follow the voice prompts to access your mailbox 3. Press 5 to change settings

4. Press 1 to Record your Mailbox greeting and follow prompts

5. Press 2 to Record your Owners Name and follow prompts

6. Press 3 to Reset your PIN or password

7. Press 0 to return to main menu

Express Help

Making a Conference Call

1. Press the Conference soft key during an active call. The call is placed on hold.

2. Enter the number of the second party, then press the Send soft key.

3. Press the Conference soft key again when the second party answers. All parties are now joined in the conference.

4. Hang up to disconnect yourself. The other parties will remain connected. Press the End Call soft key to disconnect all parties.

Note: You may split the conference call into two individual calls by pressing the Split soft key.

Boomea Overview Video

A quick overview showing how to make calls, link a call to a note, schedule a meeting, chat with coworkers, add tasks, share tasks, prioritize tasks, join a conference, see who's in a conference, link a call to a task, add agents to the queue, check voicemail, update status, set status to away and turn on find-me follow-me.

Advanced Settings

Fast Codes

The following features can be added to your phone.  Please contact a Keyvoice.net sales representative to request these changes be made or to add any of these features to your phone.

Direct to Voicemail Send call directly to voicemail. IE. Blind Transfer to **101 **
Intercom Place an intercom call. *0 followed by the extension number. IE. *0101 *0
Privacy Make an anonymous call. *67 followed by the number. IE. *678005551212 *67
Park & Retrieve Park and Retrieve a call. IE. Blind Transfer to *31 to Park. Call *31 to Retrieve. *3
Check Voicemail Call *97 to check voicemail box. *97

Want to save or print Hybrid Fast Code Table A?

We have prepared a pdf of the above table for download and or print purposes.

The following features can be added to your phone if the feature is enabled on your PBX.

Enable Call Forward Turn call forwarding on *72
Disable Call Forward Turn call forwarding off *73
Toggle Call Forward Flip call forwarding on or off *74
Update Call Forward Change the number forwarding goes to *56
Direct Pickup Pick up call ringing another user. *8 followed by the user extension. I.E *8100. (Does not work on group calls.) *8
Log Agent Into a Queue Logs an agent into all his queues *60
Set Agent to Ready Sets the agent to ready in all his queues *61
Log Agent out of a Queue Logs the agent out of all of his queues *62
Set Agent to Away Sets the agent to away *63

Want to save or print Hybrid Fast Code Table B?

We have prepared a pdf of the table of codes directly above for download and or print purposes.

Keyvoice.net 911 Dialing Terms of Service

Learn how to allow attendees to call a specified phone number, enter a password and be added to the conference call.

E911 Service Warning - Printable Phone Labels

E911 service may be limited or unavailable during electrical and or internet service outage printable warning labels

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