Your VoIP or Virtual PBX provider has now been in business for several years and you’re reaching the end of your contract with them. What do you do? During that time, you might have experienced some VoIP problems like call quality or support. You are looking for other solutions right now that are not national companies. Much has changed in the VoIP world since it first arrived on the scene. Here are some ways to tell if you are ready to change to another VoIP provider.

VoIP Provider

Reason #1: Customer service is poor

If you VoIP provider in VT or NH offering quality and timely support? Do you they charge you every time you talk to them on the phone or come out and service their equipment? Are their support representatives knowledgeable, courteous and efficient? Many large-scale companies like companies outsource their customer support to the Philippines, India, etc.. Some companies are growing so fast that they can’t keep up with the customer demand, therefore customer service suffers tremendously.


Reason #2: No local support

While VoIP phone systems can be global and have had great advancements in technology there will always be a need for local service. When problems arise with their phone systems customers want to know that there is someone local that will come to their office to fix the issue. Most of these systems today can be troubleshooted over the phone or remotely through a computer. But nothing will change the value of an on-site visit to determine problems with your phone, network, server, etc.. You might want to move your Hosted PBX service to a local business VoIP provider with whom you can build a business relationship with.


Reason #3: Expensive services

As a telecommunications provider throughout Vermont and New Hampshire for the past 20 years, we have seen many instances where customers are paying a premium for their phone systems. While we never advocate finding the cheapest price, paying a fair price for a quality service is just good business. Some provider start out with a low price but slowly add things to your package or raise prices over time. Another tactic that we have seen is the initial contract price is set at an introductory rate and then when your contract ends, the price is jacked up. Do you know if you are being overcharged?


Changing VoIP services is easy

In the old days, you would have to make a large capital investment for your business phone system and often providers didn’t use the same equipment. Today with cloud technology, it is much easier to change providers. VoIP uses industry standards which makes changing providers a simple change of who services your phones. Phone providers like Panasonic, Yealink, Cisco make their phones compatible to work on VoIP technology. The only challenge then is the service provider and the quality of their service.