Technology really has advanced forward tremendously in the past 30 years. The telephone industry has seen cell phones, PBX systems, and VoIP phones systems come onto the scene. With high-speed internet in most locations throughout New England now, Small Businesses can gain greater flexibility with the Business Phone System by switching to a VoIP Phone System. But you might be wondering, what are the real advantages of moving to a VoIP Phone System? Here are six advantages for your business.


VoIP Phone System


1 It Is Less Expensive

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) doesn’t need to travel over traditional copper phone lines. Today it is often run on a fiber optic network or coaxial cable network like on Comcast or Time Warner. VoIP allows you to make calls over the free and open internet without the overhead of traditional phone systems. For example, Traditional lines use the transatlantic cable to make phone calls overseas. There is a cost associated with that service which is often paid to telecommunication companies like AT&T. With most VoIP services today you can make a call anywhere in the world through your business phone number because it is a virtual service. This is by far more cost effective for small business owners.


2 Easier To Install

Traditional phone lines and phone services are installed by professionals that work for the telecommunications company of your choice. Again, there is a cost that comes with using traditional landlines. With VoIP that is not necessary. With our service, we program the phone for you and all you have to do is plug it into your network and you are up and running. If you get stuck, don’t worry we have tech support waiting to help you.


3 Take It With You

With VoIP phone services, you can buy a phone to go with your service or just use our mobile phone app on your Android or iPhone. This makes it extremely easy to work on your business anywhere in the world you take your mobile phone. Our VoIP service allows you to move from one location to another and is perfect for business professionals on the go like automotive dealers, freelance contractors or delivery personnel that need to be in constant communication with their customers.


4 VoIP Is Rich In Features

With VoIP, you don’t as many limitations as other phone systems. You are no longer limited to the basic phone services of the past. Most VoIP phone services today are feature rich with options like call waiting, call blocking, caller ID, encrypted communications, voicemail, and high definition calls. You also have greater control in managing your calls through a web-based portal, which allows you to see how your salespeople are using your system.


5 Future Proof

Many VoIP phones systems are what we call future proof. These systems are built to be more responsive to advancements in technology as time moves forward. Traditional phones have not changed to much over the past 100 years. VoIP telephone systems are built on today’s technologies that are internet based and software based. These will always keep evolving as businesses update and improve their software to stay relevant to emerging technologies.s


6 It’s Customizable

VoIP systems are extremely customizable and responsive to new technologies. VoIP telephone systems offer a variety of ways to connect communications devices and online services to your phone system. Services like Hubspot and Sales Force often can be easily integrated into your service to increase your phone sales. VoIP phone services can be used on wireless devices like cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers or a VoIP enabled phone like our Panasonic phone line. The point of this article is that VoIP phone services are the future of the telecommunications industry as internet technologies keep advancing.