If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It! That might be the motto for many companies today. We get used to the monthly bills for services like phone, internet, electric, etc.. Over time though the price for these types of services increase and we don’t notice that additional increase. Most phone companies today have made it a subtle art to raise the price over time on your Business Phone System.

One of the first things that we look at is your current monthly cost for your Business Phone System and data plan. We have noticed that over the years some customers end up paying incredibly high costs for voice and data in the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. There are several factors that drive these costs up, here they are:

Business Phone System

Multiple Providers and Bills

When it comes to communications, many businesses today have more than one provider. For most businesses, it is not uncommon to have one provider to internet and another provider for your Business Phone System. This results in multiple bills and sometimes overlap in costs. Many providers today that offer multiple services will recommend consolidating these various services into one service. Once this happens you often can’t cancel one of the services without paying a hefty penalty or increasing your bill monthly significantly. So what do you do in that case?

Get Rid Of The Outdated

The best solution is to replace those outdated Business Phone Systems and replace it with a modern, low-cost business communications solution. You can either go with a VOIP (cloud) based solution or a state-of-the-art on-premise Business Phone System that will grow with you into the future as technology changes. Once you make the switch to a newer system though, you will have to address and legacy analog lines or switches that are out of date. You will not have to eliminate the obsolete, analog phone lines and replace them with SIP trunks on a new PBX or go to a virtual PBX (cloud) solution with will be more efficient and cost-effective for your business.


What Goes Up, May Never Come Back Down

It may sound like a silly phrase, but when it comes to rising costs in phone services and data services, these types of industries don’t traditionally lower their costs. They may offer promotional rates for new customers, but once you are out of the promo period, your rate will go up. Most cable companies for data plans offer what they call a business internet service that is the exact same thing as the residential service. The only difference is the support plan that goes with it. Business customers traditionally pay 20% to 40% more money monthly for the same service over a residential customer. All because it is called a business plan through your internet provider.

At Key Communications, we have clear simple pricing that is always one type of service. We offer business class telephone systems to businesses throughout the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. These services come with great support from real people that have years of training and experience in the field designing, building and maintaining Business Phone Systems for customers.


Save Money, Reduce Your Rising Costs

It may sound like a to good to be true situation, but what we offer many business owners are solutions for real life, quality services at a good value. New technology is cheaper to run over the old analog systems of yesterday. In the past 15 years, technology has jumped decades forward and have become much more cost-effective. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you save money on your monthly bills by switching to a new updated phone system.