You new cloud phone system does require less support than an on-premise PBX system. However, there is still a need to administer and manage your VT Business phone system. Some of these tasks include adding or removing users, call handling modifications, troubleshooting when it doesn’t work. You biggest challenge is going to be getting reliable knowledgeable quality support for your phone system. Let’s compare what you might get.

VT Business Phone System

Support Hours

RingCentral advertises around the clock support, seven days a week.

KeyVoice support hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, EST and emergency support hours are seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Tech Support Location

RingCentral support is foreign-based for its smaller customers. If you are a company that has more than 20 plus users then you might get U.S. based tech support.

Key Voice hosted VoIP support is based in White River Junction, Vermont, United States.


On-Premise Support

RingCentral doesn’t provide any on-premise technical support to its customers.

Key Voice provides regional support to it’s on-premise and hosted VoIP customers if required.


On-Premise Replacement

RingCentral uses a third party company to send a replacement part to their customers and the customer must send the defective product back to that provider. The customer is responsible for the technical know-how to replace that part.

Key Voice replaces defective product by performing an on-site visit where they install the replacement equipment and test it for proper operation.



RingCentral provides remote technical support to customers 24/7 with many exceptions depending on the level of customer you are.

Key Voice provides remote support, on-premise support, and emergency services 7 days a week for all of our regional customers. If your company would like to work with a company that supports local and regional businesses and provides award-winning support to all its customers, give Key Voice a call. We love getting to know our customers and helping them make their telecommunications work.