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Hybrid and Standard Phone Platform User Guides

Need help?  Below are images of our Unified Communications Clients, Mobile Apps and 2 quick questions to help direct you to the user guides for the phone platform you are using.

When did you start your phone service?

Do you have unlimited or metered outbound calling?Unlimited = HYBRIDMetered = STANDARD

Hybrid Phone Platform

If you set up your phone service after August 2022 you might utilize our advanced Hybrid Phone Platform with unlimited outbound calling.

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UC Client

NimbusPhone ss

Mobile App

Standard Phone Platform

If you set up your phone service before August 2022 you probably utilize our cost saving Standard Phone Platform with metered outbound calling.


UC Client

Still not sure which phone platform your business uses?

Send us a message to request help determining which of our User Guides your business should be using.

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