VoIP offers many great benefits over the legacy phone network that we have grown up with for the past 4o years. Many VoIP features can be used on a hosted PBX system or what we call an on premise phone system. Today they are so similar in features and functionality it’s hard to tell them apart.

Today we are going to vocus on VoIP only and the benefits that are available to small business owners. You can leverage this technology to help establish those locations that are away from your home base. When you have more than one location (store) for your business, one of the hardest aspects is getting established locally after you move in.

What are virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that a not directly associated with a telephone line. These were phone numbers assigned to copper lines installed by companies like AT&T, Verizon or Consolidated.

Virtual numbers can be assigned to any phone, mobile phone app, or desktop softphone (which is software). Essentially, you the user can assign more than one telephone number to your phone line.

While this is not directly unique to VoIP, virtual numbers gain the benefit of ISP connections. Since they don’t have to rely on copper lines that make up the PTSN, all VoIP number could be considered virtual. One that you are most familar with is Google Voice.

That is a popular choice for many, but what you don’t get the same quality or personal service as a smaller VoIP provider like Key Voice our sister company.

Why Do I Need A Virtual Number?

Depending on the size of your business, a virtual number may not be the best fit for your business. Who virtual numbers really benefit are small business owners that are a sole owner or one or two employees. These types of businesses can utilize virtual numbers for simple cost savings.

If you have a call center, you may benefit even more from a virtual number. This is a popular practice among call centers, because agents can adopt local numbers when calling clients or leads. It helps to further personalize the cold calling process or just connecting with current customers.

The Main Benefits

  1. Establish a local presence
  2. Cut costs with local area codes
  3. Establish a professional image
  4. Flexibility around the world
  5. One device, two phone numbers