Answers to questions about our VoIP phone service and phones.

How can I reset my Yealink WH62/63 headset?

If your Yealink WH62/WH63 headset is not working right try these steps:

  1. Hold the PC and Phone button at the same time for 6 seconds until the charging base resets, then release your fingers.
  2. Unplug the AC power from the base, wait 10 second, then reconnect power.
  3. Once the headset boots up, try headset.

Can I make it look like I am calling from work?

I am doing more work from home but I don't want to call clients from my home or cell number. Could we set the system so I could call clients from home but their caller ID would identify the number as the office number?

Yes, We have multiple options that will show the office number when you call a client back. You can have an extra desk phone at home or take your office phone home. You can install a free cell phone app that makes the app an extension on the office phone system. When you use the app to call a client back from the cell phone the client sees the office phone number on their Caller ID, NOT your cell phone number. Calls can ring both your desk phone and your mobile app. We also have a free browser based app that you can use on your computer (Mac or PC) as your phone. All of these options are included in each extension on our business class VoIP phone system.

What is the difference between your cloud Business phone system and a hosted PBX?

In most cases quite a lot. Most hosted PBX providers offer very basic, “cookie cutter” style phone systems. A system of that type usually lacks many day to day features that your standard office requires to function effectively. We, on the other hand, have been providing business-grade phone systems to businesses, schools and municipalities in New England for over 20 years, so we know what clients need to maximize their phone efficiency. We call our system a “Business Cloud Telephone System” and have focused on providing features that every business needs; HD sound quality, the ability to put a call on park and pick it up at another phone by simply pressing a button, buttons that light to show other users on the system when that line is in use, auto attendant, mailboxes, e-messaging and much much more. With our Business Cloud System, the sky is the limit.

Can I keep the phone number I have now?

Yes in most cases. There are a few areas that we cannot port or move the number. We can check to see if your number is portable for free, just let us know.

Do I need to get a phone number for every phone device?

Not with our system, each phone device and mailbox comes with an extension number. Direct or dedicated phone numbers are available, but not required for each phone. Cost is $3.00 per month per phone number.

How do I know if my internet is good enough or will even work for this?

The first thing we ask is how your internet connection has been to date. If it has not shown any noticeable slow time or outages your current internet service should be sufficient for our phone services. The phones we provide are full HD sound, requiring about 180K per phone conversation when in use. (With today’s cable and Fiber Optic internet connections, 180K per phone call is hardly noticeable). Older DSL standard connections may be too slow to work correctly but a dedicated Telco Business circuit would be fine. We can provide many suggestions as well as supply routers to assist you with your network needs.

How do I know if my router is good enough?

Do I have to replace it?

Most modern Business routers within the last 3 years will be fine. Small inexpensive home routers may not be up to the task as they were built to work at a home. A few Brands/Models work better on larger installations. Most times a few tweaks need to be done to your router to help keep the voice quality as high and trouble free as possible for your Business. We have lists and suggested items that we can suggest to you once you’re onboard. New routers are available thru us and we can program them here to your specifications.

What if I want to mix the types of phones?

That is OK to do, just let us know.

Do you offer tech support?

Yes we offer support to our existing customers Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.

How do I use Call Transfer on a Yealink phone?

How do I use Call Forwarding on a Yealink phone?

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