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Express Tip for Nimbus App

Set agent feature codes as quick dials

A short video showing how to set quick dials to easily Log in, Log out, set to Ready and set to Away on the Nimbus App.

  • Log an agent into all his queues.
  • Set an agent to ready in queues.
  • Log an agent out of all queues.
  • Set an agent to away.
Info about Nimbus App

User Status

The phone icon next to a user will be Green, Red or Yellow to indicate if the user is available to take a call or is already busy. 

Green: The user is available to receive a call. 
Red: The user is actively on a call. 
Yellow: The user’s phone is currently ringing or they are in the process of sending a call.

Info about Nimbus App

Presence Group

With Presence Groups, you are able to view the live status of any user within your business. This feature allows you to take your business phone number with you and have the same kind of visibility when you are working remotely.

"Productivity enhancing phone for office workers and professionals."
Express Tip for Nimbus App

BLF for Agent Status

Add BLFs to show agent status within call queues.

To add it to a phone, use a “Park” key, and set the data to “agent{extension number}” – for example – agent100.
When they are logged in and away, it flashes like it’s ringing.
When they are logged in and ready, it’s solid like “on a call”.
When they are logged out, it’s off.

Advanced Settings

Call Center Console Fast Codes

The following features are administrator level call center console codes that allow agents to be logged in and out, set to Ready or Away.

Log Agent Into a Queue Logs an agent into all his queues *60
Set Agent to Ready Sets the agent to ready in all his queues *61
Log Agent out of a Queue Logs the agent out of all of his queues *62
Set Agent to Away Sets the agent to away *63

Call Center Console

Each Boomea user can access the call center console to monitor the status of their queues and agents in real-time. The user simply clicks on an agent to see their specific queue statistics. Users can login, logout and set themselves “away”. Admins can login, logout, and set agents “away” and “ready”. Agents and admins can also see callers waiting in the queue.

Keyvoice_Boomea App screenshot

Presence Group

Presence Groups allow users and parking slots to be monitored in real time. Receive status updates when users make calls, receive calls and when calls are placed on park and picked up from park. Different presence groups can be created to customize the view of which users and which parking slots are monitored.

Boomea Logo for Keyvoice

Boomea's call center console caters to a variety of businesses across different industries, but some of the most common types include:

Customer service-oriented businesses

Hotels, Airlines & Travel Agencies

Utilize Boomea to handle reservations, inquiries and complaints related to travel experiences.

Banks, Insurance Companies & Credit Unions

Use Boomea for customer support, account management and claims processing.

Brick-and-mortar shops, Online Stores & Retailers

use Boomea to manage customer inquiries, orders and returns efficiently.

Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Practices

Use Boomea for appointment scheduling, patient communication and insurance verification.

Sales and Lead Generation

B2B and enterprise sales

Complex sales processes with multi-touch communication can be managed effectively using Boomea's call recording, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

Telemarketing and inside sales

Boomea facilitates scheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, and providing customer support for field service businesses.

Field Service and Repair

Boomea facilitates scheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, and providing customer support for field service businesses.

Other Types of Businesses

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities can leverage Boomea for student inquiries, admissions support, and alumni outreach.

Non-Profit Organizations

Boomea can be used for fundraising campaigns, donor management, and volunteer coordination.

Government Agencies

Boomea can be a valuable tool for citizen service hotlines, public information dissemination, and emergency response communication.

The features and functionalities of Boomea appeal to businesses of all sizes and industries. Its flexibility, scalability and range of integrations make it a suitable solution for organizations looking to improve their customer service and center operations.