Is Softphone Right For Your VT Business Phone Needs?

I am sure that you have heard of softphone technology by now with VoIP being so popular. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? What is softphone? and Is softphone right for my VT Business phone needs? You naturally may think that it is a phone system like every other phone system. How could it…

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Provider Information and Your New Office Business Phone System

How does your Business Phone System connect with the outside world? With your present Business Phone System, you are most likely using a dedicated voice circuit on a copper line. Most businesses in Vermont and New Hampshire still use these types of systems. There are many more solutions out there today besides a copper line…

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What is SIP Trunking For Business Phone Services In VT & NH?

This article is for the many buyers over the years that wanted to understand how the technology of SIP Trunking for Business Phone Services works. First, let’s start with, what is SIP trunking? SIP Trunking is a phone service that provides VoIP connectivity to your PBX. This is to make and receiving telephone calls over…

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VT Business Phone Systems: Outdated Phone Systems

The future of Business Phone Systems is a real and challenging problem that many VT and NH business owners face. Here is what a business in Vermont or New Hampshire gains by switching to a modern voice phone system and data network. You gain a reliable integrated agile platform that makes the most out of…

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Small Business Phone Systems: Improving Communication In Your Business

For small businesses today communications skills are essential to making sure your team if working effectively. When team communication is working well, it creates a strong cohesive team in your office. This translates directly to your customers too. Effective internal communication also helps your employees be more productive in business and keep processes working like…

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13 Features In Choosing A Business Telephone System in VT & NH

In the first article, we went over how to purchase a Business Telephone System in VT & NH. In that article, we asked several questions about how to determine whether you need a new phone system. In this article, we are going to go over the needs a little further and explore the top features…

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How To Choose The Right Phone System [INFOGRAPHIC]

vt voip phone system

What are the most important features of your phone system? First, make sure you have phone numbers that can be changed over to a VoIP system. We can take care of checking that for you. Check with the provider you are signing up with to see if there is a contract you have to sign. Ask about…

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How To Buy A Business Office Telephone System In VT & NH

I wanted first to introduce myself, my name is Steve, and I am the owner of Key Communications. I have worked in the telecommunications industry for more than three decades providing technical consulting for business phone systems. I have worked with hundreds of companies helping them buy a Business Office Telephone System that fits their…

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4 Tips To Choose The Right Vermont Business Phone System

Vermont Business Phone

Small and medium businesses don’t have to think small when it comes to choosing a Vermont Business Phone System. Phone systems today are feature rich with features that only big companies with big budgets could afford years ago. Today’s IP phone system lets you swap your old Vermont Business Phone System and equipment for a…

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How To Save Hundreds of Dollars On Your Business Phone System

Business Phone System

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It! That might be the motto for many companies today. We get used to the monthly bills for services like phone, internet, electric, etc.. Over time though the price for these types of services increase and we don’t notice that additional increase. Most phone companies today have made it…

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